Trusted Legacy provides a number of services designed to assist individuals, their families and their trusted team of experts craft individualized Legacy Plans to achieve protection, cost and time-saving efficiencies, risk minimization and continuity to ensure your wishes are fulfilled.

We provide assistance to you or your fiduciary in fulfilling administrative tasks to ensure implementation of your Legacy Plan either during your lifetime or after your passing.

We are organizational experts who can assist you with leaving those entrusted to uphold your wishes​ with all of the details they will require in one convenient location.

Your estate will represent the largest financial transaction of your life and it deserves your attention and the expertise of legacy planning specialists to suggest opportunities to improve your plan as your circumstances and legislation within the industry changes.


Idea creation
  • Comprehensive client discovery and review of existing financial plan and estate planning documents 

  • Gaining a thorough understanding of your values and goals and suggesting opportunities for improvement

  • Assisting you to create your Legacy Mission Statement

  • Crafting your individualized Legacy Plan including a planning memo for the lawyer who will draft your documents

  • Legacy Plan document organization with our Trusted Legacy binder

  • Planning for disabled individuals

  • Elder planning assistance

  • Cost-benefit analysis (existing vs. proposed new plan)

  • Assistance in creating Letters of Wishes and Memorandums

  • Family meeting facilitation

  • Guidance and collaboration with respect to implementing your Legacy Plan 

  • Ongoing regular Legacy Plan reviews

Charitable giving

We all have social capital.  Do you want to pay your taxes to the government who will put your dollars towards the resources they choose or would you like to direct it to the causes of your choice?  What do you want to give and when?  Are you giving during your lifetime?  Do you want to leave a gift in your Will? Will your gift take the form of beneficiary designation(s) on a registered plan, insurance policy or annuity?  Do you want to be recognized for your gift or remain anonymous?

Trusted Legacy will work with you to find the planned giving strategies that are best suited to your individual/family situation.

We can assist you with getting connected to the appropriate planned giving individual(s) in the charitable organization of your choice to help you decide how to structure your gift giving and to determine what recognition you would like to receive, if any.

We can also assist you in creating a donor-advised fund etc.


We have developed a placemat for tax, legal and wealth advisors of commonly heard comments, questions and concerns that help identify that a client may be in need of legacy planning expertise.

Let us help you provide stewardship of the client experience.  We are experts in dealing with sensitive and difficult client situations in a gracious and professional manner.

Looking to schedule a Legacy Planning seminar for your clients...we would be happy to work with you to co-host a client seminar that includes Legacy Planning topics that are top of mind for your clients.

Pencil and paper
Power of

Being named as a Power of Attorney for Property established in lifetime can be time-consuming and challenging to administer.  Trusted Legacy can provide you with attentive, reliable expertise to assist you in the ongoing administration of a Power of Attorney while you maintain full legal and final decision-making authority.

If you already have a trust company named and feel you will be requiring their assistance during your lifetime, let us review your current situation and compensation agreements to see if we can find efficiencies within your plan.  There may be an opportunity to provide you with a plan that protects you better and saves you costs both during your lifetime and upon your eventual passing while still maintaining your relationship with your chosen trust company to manage your affairs.

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Being named as a Trustee of a Trust established in lifetime (Intervivos Trusts) for either yourself or others, a Trust established in your Will (Testamentary Trusts) can be time-consuming and challenging to administer.  Trusted Legacy can provide you with attentive, reliable expertise to assist you in the ongoing management of a Trust while you maintain full legal and final decision-making authority.

Testamentary trusts can facilitate ongoing financial education and protection for your beneficiaries long after you have passed away.  We can be part of the Legacy Team surrounding those you love and want to support and protect while still allowing your Trustees final decision-making authority. 

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Your loved one has passed away and you are the named executor.  Whether the assets were held jointly or not, you will have telephone calls to make and letters to write to ensure their final affairs are dealt with and their wishes are upheld in accordance with their Last Will and Testament.  Let us be the expert that you rely on to help you fulfill your obligations in settling the Estate.  We work with you to tailor the level of support you require to complete your duties as Executor while you still maintain the ability to make all final decisions.