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What do you want to be remembered for?

Alleviating the fear of being a burden to others requires planning for aging, disability and end-of-life so that you can focus on leaving the positive impact that is important to you on the world.

Get to Know Trusted Legacy 

Established in 2019, Trusted Legacy Consulting (TLC) Corporation is one of the first boutique legacy consulting firms in Canada to provide unbiased, fee-based, estate planning services that are uniquely tailored for an individual's situation.  

We work with individuals and clients of legal, accounting, financial and insurance advisors to help them find the best solutions for their situation and provide a comparison of providers allowing our clients to choose the one they are most comfortable with. Think of us as the estate and trust advisor that is not attached to any one provider and does not manage assets or sell insurance.  We will often act as a no fee broker to connect our clients with donor-advised fund providers, and fiduciary and foundation administration services. 

Our mission is to evolve estate planning from a technical conversation about wealth, insurance and taxes that most people avoid having to a conversation about core values, living well, aging well and leaving behind the legacy you intentionally envision, build, communicate and live throughout your life. 

Knowing what you really want to be remembered for will help us work with you to prepare and organize your legacy and maximize the efficiency of your plan to minimize the risk of becoming a burden to to those who will step into your shoes if you require assistance.

Niches We Work With

Legal, Financial & Accounting Advisors

Aging, Incapacity and End-of-Life


Strategic Philanthropy

Broker of Fiduciary, Donor-Advised Fund and Foundation Administration Services

Estate Organization

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Our 3 Step Process


It all starts with getting to know you and your situation and helping you to understand what goals are important to you


We complete the necessary analysis and provide a presentation for you and your advisors to review and implement


We help you to build a blueprint that will assist in communicating the necessary information to ensure your wishes are carried out

What Our Clients Say

"Highly Recommend!"

We were referred to Christine by one of our financial planners after we expressed concern over the updating our current wills. Having been through the process once before we were aware of how time consuming this can be. As well, as one’s financial and personal situations change, review is necessary, and changes often need to be made. This was our case.

She is well connected with other professionals needed to get estate planning done. What really sets her apart, is her dedication to delivering in a timely fashion, she is amazing to work with!  

Carol & Richard

"Coming Soon"

"More testimonials are on the way"

"Coming Soon"

"More testimonials are on the way"

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